OMNIA, a.s.

The Omnia Cigar Club (OCC) is the private HABANOS cigar club situated in the pleasant and modern premises of the OMNIPOLIS building in Trnavská cesta. It provides to its members wide selection of exclusive Cuban cigars and rums due to close cooperation with the premium importer of Cuban cigars, Tabak Invest Slovakia s.r.o..

In OCC, they care about preserving the high-quality standard in order to ensure comfort for its members, focusing on high professional approach and knowledge of the personnel about cigars or any other offered products, which is ensured in the form of regular trainings.


Company information

OMNIA, a.s.
Tomášikova 30
821 01 Bratislava,
Slovak Republic

ID No.: 35 806 729


Tabak Invest Slovakia s.r.o.
phone: +421 2 482 406 21-2
fax: +421 2 482 406 23