The OMNIA KLF Group as the industrial branch has been operating already for several decades. The foundation stone of the largest plant of this group located in Kysucké Nové Mesto was laid in 1948.
The OMNIA KLF Group is composed of four establishments in two companies:

  • OMNIA KLF, a. s.
    •  the establishment Kováčňa (Forgery) in Kysucké Nové Mesto
    •  the establishment Sústružňa (Lathe Workshop) in Kysucké Nové Mesto
    •  the establishment Kováčňa (Forgery) in Martin
  • KLF-Energetika, a. s.
    • the Energetika establishment in Kysucké Nové Mesto

Thanks to the long-lasting operation in the market and the vast experience of the employees, OMNIA KLF Group has available strong know-how and high flexibility.

In the largest plant - Forgery in Kysucké Nové Mesto we are dealing on a daily basis with various requirements of the world manufacturers of bearings, cars, and other industrial applications. The major customers in the bearing segment are the plants of SKF GROUP and SCHAEFFLER GROUP, and in the automotive industry mainly the plants directly or indirectly connected to VOLKSWAGEN GROUP.

The products of individual establishments are supplied not only to Europe but also to the South America and China.

The company makes forged pieces for application in the automotive and bearing industry, as well as special accessories used in other sectors. These include but are not limited to precise and highly-form parts with grooves for gears, chassis, motor parts, rings for ball, roller, and cone bearings, special rings for raft of wagons, washers, cases, nuts.

In the plants of OMNIA-KLF company, almost 500 highly-qualified employees are engaged in manufacture and supply of forged pieces and lathe-turned parts of high quality. The parts are supplied to the bearing and automotive industry.

In the latest period (years 2013-2014), the establishments in Kysucké Nové Mesto produced approximately 30 million forged pieces, almost 20,000 ton of steel was consumed in the manufacture, and the revenues represented Eur 30 million. The trend is expected to be growing in the near future, and in view of the orders from the customers, the companies located in Kysucké Nové Mesto are expected to earn annual revenues of up to Eur 40 million, to consume approximately 30,000 ton of steel, and to produce 40 million pieces.

The specific feature of manufacture in Martin is the option to realise special form parts in small batches. The parts from this establishment are supplied to the automotive, bearing, mining, textile, railway, and building industry in the form of chassis for trucks and suspension equipment, as well as assembly elements for airports and manufacturing halls.

On annual basis, the plant in Martin consumes up to 5,000 ton of steel, and the revenues from sale amount to Eur 6 million. In the next following period, we expect increased performances by almost 100% by installing a new technology and starting cooperation with a new customer.
In the last decade, the companies in the OMNIA KLF Group invested more than Eur 30 million into development and modernization of their technologies, and they want to continue in that trend. Currently, projects are prepared with real future contracts form such projects in the value of more than Eur 10 million.


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